Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Back Eekers!!!!

Time flies, doesn't it??? Hope all of you had a great holiday during the semester break and are fully recharged
for this semester!!

To start it off, our block had our first event last week which is Welcome Back Supper! We all were treated to awesome food whipped up by our Block Comm ( YES THE SUPER NICE CARBONARA :D , Qi Xiang's favourite Chicken McNuggets and Sausage Prata Roll ) and it was a great opportunity to introduce new Eekers who have just joined our block as well! It was nice seeing Eekers having a great time catching up while enjoying the delectable food made by our Blk Comm!

Do look forward to our next Blk event which is Super Seniors Supper this Friday! Hope to see all of you there as it will be a great time for all of us to get to know more Lao Jiao Legendary Eekers with great BBQ food to go along too ya! Cheers! :D

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi Eekers!!

Just a gentle reminder, there will be KRaSHers Night event on this coming Tuesday, 18 October @ 830pm at our rooftop! KR E block people will be coming down to our block to interact with us and do expect LOTS of food ( KR block comm and our own block comm are preparing food for everyone, YES EVERYONE) and performances at the event! If you will like to perform on that night, just approach any of our block commers to indicate your interest k! Do come down and support our Block in this event!

And Sheares Link Night Cycling is just about less than 2 weeks away so hurry find a cycling partner if you have not done so! ;)

Awesome activities lie ahead so study smart and play hard people, cheers! :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heyy Eekers! In the blink of the eye, Buaya Week has ended and hope u all had fun during the past week doing fun stuff for all ur Buayees :P

Buaya meets Buayee!

Buaya Queen 2011 Yi Xian!

Guys, fall in to know your Buayas

Buaya King

Pranked by their Buayas LOL

Male Pageant Nominees!

Got Castle outside door leh, how zai is that!

Colourful door with nice mail box!

Fret not cause the decorations will be left there for another week for everyone to admire! Congrats to Junsen and Yi Xian for being Buaya King and Queen this year, uppzzz max la! Next upcoming event will be Sheares Link Night Cycling so hope you all look forward to it ya! Cheers!

BTW remember to support our pageant nominees ( Girls: Olivia and Felicia, Guys: Wen Bin and Chiaw Sang) ya!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Hi Eekers! Hope all you are coping well with mid terms and stuff but FRET NOT, cause we got an EXCITING WEEK AHEAD cause its gonna be BUAYA WEEK WOOHOO!!

Look forward to your fellow block mates doing nice stuff for you (paste nice decorations all over your day, da pao breakfast for you, anything for you!), expect the unexpected and hope all of you will have fun during Buaya Week!! Block Comm is also busy working our butts off to decorate the whole block ya! The theme this year for our block is none other than Disney Fairytales :P You might have spotted some of the decorations in our block already:

Our Dear Princess Crystal taking picture at the backdrop at level 4!

Castle entrance at level 4!

Another castle entrance at level 3!

Rapunzel waiting for Level 6 guys to save her lol

Even Gingerbread man has been working out at the gym so Blk E dudes, time to start working out eh!

Awesome decor at each of your levels!

Sorry Kenneth, but i guess you have to be more careful when u enter the lift lol!

Our Block Comm busy at work:

So hope all of you have an awesome week ahead, do remember Tues is Balloting for your Buayee day so please turn up for balloting ya! Have a good week ahead and look out for more updates on this blog soon! Cheers!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011


Do a good deed while making someone's day!

In conjunction of Buaya Week, Sheares Hall Voluntary Corps is selling COTTON CANDY & ISLAND CREAMERY ICE-CREAM to fundraise for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home where we will be holding a christmas party for the kids in December!

Support VC and show your love to all the special people around you! ♥

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hi Eekers! It has been 6 weeks since the start of the Sem 1 and everyone has been busy with SWOC, IBG, SNDC and many other events! Hope all of you are having a great time thus far and in the last two weeks, we had two main block events: IBG Closing and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration!

IBG Closing was a reward for all Eekers who gave their all during tiring competitions against other sports in sepak takraw, soccer, track and field and many other sports. Our block came in champions in basketball (men) and track and field! Although we were not overall champions in the end, we are still proud of all freshies and senior Eekers who represented our block! Credit also goes to all the supporters who came down cheer their hearts out for our players, Eekers ftw yo!

Mid-Autumn Festival celebration had many wonderful performances by fellow Eekers who sang and the block comm also performed a light hearted skit on the origins of Mid-Autumn Festival! Hope everyone had plenty of mooncakes and green tea!

Here are some snippets from IBG Closing and Mid-Autumn Festival at our rooftop!

Team 5 of pomelo-peeling challenge!

Block head and Vice Block Head!

Enjoying the awesome performances!

Posing with pictures from the slideshow!

Ee-capella dudes performing yo ;)

Who knew peeling pomelo could be so fun!

Best Junior Rookie (Male): Aldin

Best Junior Rookie (Female): Crystal

Qi Xiang acting cute once again LOL

Eekers enjoying the nice food and company!

Best Senior Rookie (Female): Yi Xian

Best Senior Rookie (Male) : Kumar

Our best RF and Eeker seniors!

Best Supporter (Male) : Jun Kai

Best Supporter (Female) : Felicia

Hope all you Eekers had a wonderful time at both events! Do look forward to more exciting upcoming events (Buaya Week?? :D) and have an awesome recess week everyone! Cheers!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello people! Freedom is really really near as this is the very last lap already! Press on, give it your best shot and never regret! Go guys, all the best for Finals! :)

Liting <3

Thursday, April 07, 2011

1 more month!

it's 1 more month before we all say goodbye to each other.. to all the eekers, all the best for your upcoming exams. it has been a great year, i'm so scared to leave my safe haven in sheares hall block e, this wonderful place. but i also know this: scared then dont try, it will just be a waste of life. ( i know this is grammatically wrong, hahaha BUT ITS OKAY!!! im a MECH ENGINEER, NOT ENGLISH MAJOR :D EDNA AND PYX cant write like this okay! (:  )

how are you feeling now that this year is coming to an end? do you feel nostalgic? relieved? 

ANYWAY, DO COME FOR SNRS FAREWELL! monday 11april 7pm, rooftop! see you there!:D


Friday, March 25, 2011




Join us for lorry supper tonight!
Meet at lounge 9.30pm!
Be in your red eeker shirt!

Liting :]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


here's the highlight of our block's inter year dodgeball!

Wei Cong V Andee Hong

will be posting pictures soon after my test! ;)

Van der Nee