Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hi Eekers! It has been 6 weeks since the start of the Sem 1 and everyone has been busy with SWOC, IBG, SNDC and many other events! Hope all of you are having a great time thus far and in the last two weeks, we had two main block events: IBG Closing and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration!

IBG Closing was a reward for all Eekers who gave their all during tiring competitions against other sports in sepak takraw, soccer, track and field and many other sports. Our block came in champions in basketball (men) and track and field! Although we were not overall champions in the end, we are still proud of all freshies and senior Eekers who represented our block! Credit also goes to all the supporters who came down cheer their hearts out for our players, Eekers ftw yo!

Mid-Autumn Festival celebration had many wonderful performances by fellow Eekers who sang and the block comm also performed a light hearted skit on the origins of Mid-Autumn Festival! Hope everyone had plenty of mooncakes and green tea!

Here are some snippets from IBG Closing and Mid-Autumn Festival at our rooftop!

Team 5 of pomelo-peeling challenge!

Block head and Vice Block Head!

Enjoying the awesome performances!

Posing with pictures from the slideshow!

Ee-capella dudes performing yo ;)

Who knew peeling pomelo could be so fun!

Best Junior Rookie (Male): Aldin

Best Junior Rookie (Female): Crystal

Qi Xiang acting cute once again LOL

Eekers enjoying the nice food and company!

Best Senior Rookie (Female): Yi Xian

Best Senior Rookie (Male) : Kumar

Our best RF and Eeker seniors!

Best Supporter (Male) : Jun Kai

Best Supporter (Female) : Felicia

Hope all you Eekers had a wonderful time at both events! Do look forward to more exciting upcoming events (Buaya Week?? :D) and have an awesome recess week everyone! Cheers!

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