Thursday, May 20, 2010


i wonder who still reads the block blog. bt here goes nth!

Dear all ,
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Hey ___同胞______,

Where the forces unite

Sheares Exposure Camp will be held this monday from 24th May till 27th May. Here is a rough guideline of what's happening these 3 days and do come down and join us. A great chance to interact with the potential freshies!

24th May Day 1:
Afternoon - Station games @Sheares Hall
Afternoon - Mass Dance @MPSH
Night - Lifeline! @Sheares Hall
Night - Secret Pal @MPSH

25th May Day 2:
Morning - Sentosa Games @ sentosa
Afternoon - “Food Hunt”
Night - Secret Pal @MPSH

26th May Day 3
Morning - War games @West Coast Park
Evening - SP Revelation @Munchie Monkey
Night - Finale Night @MPSH

27th May Day 4
Morning - Prize presentation/ Video presentation Talks @MPSH
Afternoon - Break Camp @MPSH
If you want to come down and clarify with us the location, do contact

Contact 1:brenda 82885011
Contact 2:weicong 91893787
or ur cn msg janeyin 91898607 and jio if you're going (:


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