Saturday, October 28, 2006

Junior Treat Senior

Juniors at work!

Johnathan chopping the bacon(?)
he can cook! very well!

Kaijuan posing with her sandwich.

alison helping out with the "popcorn" chicken.
see her smiling? she was posing for me to take the picture. haha.

and of cos...!

we have those who does "quality control" by eating........

the end product....
looks good huh?!

and guess who's hand that is...?
spoil the picture...

seniors and colin eager to eat...

(you can guess who spoilt the previous picture. just check out their sitting arrangement...)

to be continued....


old chris said...

thanks to those who were slogging in the kitchen since 4PM!! its really upmarket block food man. really appreciate it. and of course...the pple in charge of the (disturbing but) fun games :) well done on updating so quickly too!

Hyeli said...

food was GREAT!! seriously!
thank u juniors!
i was so happy to be blk e
senior yesterday heh:)
and.. the games were erm...
fun too! haha
and.. meng kiat's song
was CUTE! haha

Blk E juniors rock!
Blk E juniors rock!
Blk E juniors rock!

Polar said...

Well said Old Chris and Ms Kim! Alamk, just realised my mass mail to thank the kitchen crew missed out Kaijuan..

Kaijuan, thank you too! :D

You guys guys are damn cool lah.. juniors and seniors!

Anonymous said...

it's a fun nite..n i will sure be there whenever jonathan n weiling doin g e cooking..=)

alibanana said...

Suddenly it didnt suck that much to be an oldie during JTS.. ahAHahAHa... well done la young ones! hahahahaaaaa

marcus said...

great job on JTS...thanks to you guys i now have a nice, smooth and moisturised clean back from all that whipped cream..=)
food was real gd too...well done..=)