Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Hi all, me yeefern hyeli caroline ken and irene are going to take a nice stroll (prob to PGP) tmr with our lanterns to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival!

we decided to be inclusive and not leave anybody behind (Ohana and family theme marh this year)

so YOU (yes, you!) are cordially invited to this lap sup, ad hoc event. (pls don't expect too much)

this will take place at around 12 midnight behind block e. so be there or be square (or moonshape) !

though we don't have mooncakes (where is my swenson's durian ice cream mooncake *sobs) or chinese tea (actually i have some damn nice chinese tea in my room but got no pot to brew for everybody) we will have lanterns (and candles and sticks etc) ! (i hope)

i'll be goin to get them tmr after school (sigh) or between my break (Sigh still) so i kinda need an estimate of how many people are going.

please help jio your floor then tag to let me know k!

-old chris

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