Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

Can you hear me? I heard you are coming to town this year.

If you are coming to Sheares Hall, pls be notified that we do not have any chimney,

maybe you can try the lift? In case you have not received any email from our rf, Colin, I’m telling you now, not to hold the lift for your reindeers or Mrs Claus, bcuz our lift often die.

By the way, Singapore is warm, pls remember to bring sunscreen (if you are going to take a stroll along orchard road before night falls) or umbrella (the weather is cranky these few days). Don’t say I didn’t warn u!

Santa, I have been so good this year. I hope my letter reaches you in time.

I really hope that you're on your way

With something special for me in your sleigh

please make my wish come true

Blk E


Polar said...

Ha.. haa.. haa..

Seriously though, I don't personally buy that "hold lift door stall lift" theory, and have gotten the office to get the tech to inspect our lift properly.

As I said in my email: ".. tad bit lame".

Clarice said...

eh wrong.. santa laughs like this..

Ho.. hoo.. hoo...