Friday, December 08, 2006


it's that time of the year again. the PAGEANT competition is here. the race to find the two Shearites who will fulfil the role of Hall Queen and King with poise, grace and elegance. (*ahem. unlike the female winner last year)

this year, we have the honour of having KIM HYELI and KEITH TAN representing our block E. ( -wolf whistles)

see, everyone must support them. we even have reasons why:

hyeli promised kimchi to everyone who smiles at her when they walk past her.

and guys, of course she will smile her dazzling smile which will melt your heart

girls, she'll make you want to go back to your room to practice in the mirror how to smile like that too!

and keith, ermm. we have a premonition that he promised some company to everyone who gives him a high-five when they see him.

alright seems like we better clarify a bit here.. when we said company, we meant companionship; friendship; lets-hang-out-together kind of friendship where we just chat and ermm, chat? yea that's right (((:

whoops wrong photo. here's the right one:

alright photowhoring's over for now. so let's brainstorm. 4 reasons why EEKERS should support hyeli and keith
1. because hyeli is the only foreign blood among the 10 contestants
2. because keith has ultra hairy legs
3. because hyeli has ultra smooth legs
4. because keith has golden hair and black eyebrows

and that being said, SUPPORT our e-pageants (pageants from block e) all the wayyy. ((((:
be a (wo)man. do the right thing.

an unnamed female e-pageant 0506

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Polar said...

Hey don't make fun of the current Ms Sheares.

She got power scream. Her scream can destroy eardrums up to 20 km away.

More power than that X-Men girl. :p