Saturday, September 16, 2006

Buaya Week or Halloween???

Scarecrow first appeared in the darkness of the lift (Which caused 2 people to jump when they saw me in the lift...oh, makes me feel so beautiful :S)

This caused misgivings amoung the girls as they dreaded using the lift.

Some feminists decided to reclaim the body of the scarecrow for the fairer sex and femininised this dominating male centric figure by cutting the long dark rubbish bag into a funky mini skirt with plaits. Also, make up was applied on the pink ballon face, the hair tied up under a blue cap and a dash of lace to accentuate the waist of this new found feminine figure!

However, a few hours later, the feminist movement was overrun and Chuckie reappeared at the sides of the level 5 short wing, to much fear and trembling.

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