Friday, September 01, 2006


SNDCC happened like just a few hours ago!
well, its more of a cam-whoring session.
but its good to see everyone all dressed up isnt it?
(so different from the usual tee-shirts, shorts and slippers.)
and its a rather good opportunity for the guys to practice their gentlemen manners.
well well, some of the pictures taken today..

babes of Blk E! (blk E has the prettiest girls k!lol.)

best dressed couple of blk E~! Qijun and Clarice..


Clarice said...

awwwww..!! Qi jun is sooo handsome!!!

alibanana said...

aiya. clarice also pretty la. hurhurhurhurhurhur.....

rachel said...

hahaha.y u entertain her? oops.

Clarice said...

hurhurhur.. Thanks! I knew it! LoL. *kidding* oh btw, did i mention that jun leong is handsome too?

alibanana said...

ermmmm i can like almost see the sarcasm dripping from that comment le

Anonymous said...

haha... you are too humble liao la... eekers are all handsome and pretty one lor. else will not qualify as eekers. haha... Anyway, good job Blockhead and clarice, even though you did not win but you all are the best dressed in eekers eyes!!! Right everyone??
hey peeps, time to flood this website with comments. haha... anything under the sun!!!


Anonymous said...

Eekers rox!!! We hav the cutest,prettiest,funniest,handsome,friendly....... all integrated as one..of coz we the most UNIQUE too..
had fun at SNDCC..more coz of the photo taking session n wit everyone dressing up..

Clarice said...

to alibanana:
no la.. i'm not being sarcastic!!

to winson:
wahaha.. VBH, u are really very blockhead leh.. Put ur name on top la!! =)

block E has all the good looking pple living under 1 roof. *wee**wee*

alibanana said...

wah biang. pple that come in to read this blog will think we're some kind of ego freaks