Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Commencement

muahahaha! first non-block comm member to gain access to the prestigious eekers blog. don't offend me hor! otherwise ill tell everybody in the blog.hahahhahahahaha. (abusing her new found power *evil grin)

And thus, the commencement of the much anticipated Buaya Week, in just less than an hour ago, has resulted in

1. the hogging of the lift by Marcus, Darren and Big Nic (hmphs~!!!)
2. secret meetings on level 3. they have announced that level 3 short wing is off limits. Hence, people who buaya them, please do not give them anything. Your cooperation is much appreciated.
3. Chef Tanoto cooking up a helluva yummilicious storm on level 5.
4. Illicit meetings in rooms
5. Threats of "I tell your buaya not to buaya you arh!"
6. Theft. No elaboration. hahaa.
7. Came up with a Maple Story idea. so we cxan be like theif, magician, bowsman or warrior. and doing mission gets us points. and you can level up and use new weapons. idea scraped and booed to the depths of hell.
8. everyone writes shamelessly their likes and dislikes on a red paper heart.

if the first hour of buaya week holds so much promise, what unforeseen circumstances and adventures await!

Fork out the money, put in the effort and you might just attain immortality in the oral history of Blk E.

- old chris


Anonymous said...

hey so lvl 3 short wing is reli off limit??

Winson said...

Cool! haha.. You write very well. I didn't know so much myself.

Sindor said...

Eh hello win, pple from hallpub okay :P hahaha

Sindor said...
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Anonymous said...

es said:

wah chris you seriously write very well. it's totally in the style of Shaddup! (: i like!

Anonymous said...

hahaha .. showing some SUPPORT n LOVE here CHRISTINE!!

keep writing!! =D



I LOVE ZAI HAO!!!!!!!!!

chris said...

new (?) chris to old chris:

nice writing! =D

old chris said...

*beams! u all wanna write too? ask block comm to open up the blog lorh =)

alibanana said...

haz old chris shows why she's an american kentang!~