Saturday, September 02, 2006


Good fight soccer girls!
We are proud of you all!

esther looks super funny here.

christine in action!angie stoning????!!!

soccer girls!


Anonymous said...

Well done soccer gals.. never expect to hav tis kind of achievement.. =)

old chris said...

wah i eat my words. *chomp chomp. i look freakin ugly hahaha. heng the pictures cant zoom in. well done to the softball ppl too! the blog's getting better. =D

es. said...

eh. why you put such an unglam picture up! tian ah.
but way to go lah, soccer girls! i'm super proud of you all. we only let in one goal! we just had the wrong strategy only (my fault!). sorryyy :(

come join IHG soccer ok! you can look for me at E705. wahhahah (:

Anonymous said...

its okay not ur fault...we played as a team,so u shudnt blame urself..
u done a gd job..