Friday, September 22, 2006

The End of the Affair

Today marks the day when hearts where broken, sighs where heard (or gasps for Zaihao's case). I'm sure many people were very excited about the revelation tonight and gifts were exchanged, etc. etc. and in the tradition of Sheares Hall, every year two members get "Buaya King" or "Queen". These are people who have put in effort for their Buayee, making them touched, excited, happy, blissful and totally in love.

This year, we have two wonderful (if i may say so myself) individuals who have garnered this honour. Presenting suckstobenic and oldchris in an exclusive interview!

Suckstobenick, 22, Architecture, Level 3.
Status: Red.
Oldchris, 20, Arts and Social Sciences, Level 5
Status: ..................................

How does it feel like to be Buaya King/Queen?
N: Don't know leh (Laughs idiotically)
C: Okay lorh, very sad had to rush for another meeting. *Sad face*

Were you expecting this?
C: hmm, i was dreading the nomination larh, cause very paiseh one leh. then i don't lorh, quite paiseh larh.
N: Not really.

Nic, would you like to say more?
(Laughs) Yar. (long pause) No larh. not really. Cause everybody was very very good also. like zaihao arh, junlong, darren, etc.

Which was the best part of Buaya week for you personally?
N: Getting presents lorh.
C: (Thinking to herself "duh") its the bonding that people experience. When you ally to buaya somebody, the excitment of making or receiving something. the whole buzz of anticipation.

Did your girlfriend/boyfriend get jealous?
N: No larh, she knows it's a block culture. I told her it might be Buaya week but for her its Buaya Year (*collective "awwww")
C: Not applicable.

So Nic, HONESTLY, are you as good to her as you are to your buaya.
N: (slightly offended) Of course larh! (food comes flying out of his mouth) THOUSAND times better lorh! Yar i make stuff for her sometimes. not so ridiculously retarded larh, but I like to make stuff.

What's the secret of success?
C: F-ferd leh! (looking old and wise) you must be excited about Buaya week itself lorh. Also good to have a theme so you work around it. (Chris' theme was Italian soccer captain Cannavaro)
N: (looking older and wiser) When you buaya someone, there are 2 ways to go.... (Chris gives a duh face) No larh, my strategy was to entertain her, make her laugh.

Any words of advice for next year?
C: F-ferd leh!
N: (a sense of deja vu???) When you buaya someone, there are 2 ways to go...No larh, buaya big christine cause she replies retarded stuff and appreciates the simple stuff even.
C: Wah nic you so nice arh!!! (*Stuneed, nearly fainted)
N: Of course larh! Wah lau a!
C: hahaha, but yar Nic is very funny.

(An intruder arrives)
Hyeli: Yar, sucks to be nic got a very new sense of humour which is very fresh and something the block has never seen before. He is really very good larh, to win even people like zaihao, junlong and darren leh!

(Nic lets out a GIANT burp)

Does the prize (a small melted bar of hersey's dark chocolate) SUCK or does it SUCK!!!
(The interviewer is starting to lose her objectiveness)
C: Totally.
N: The prize rocks larh! Totally makes everything worth my effort lorh.

Thank you to our two royalty! Hoping everyone enjoyed Buaya Week 06/07 and may love blossom in Block E. ;)

Signing off,
old chris

p.s. chris would like to abuse her power again to thank people like Yingdan for her pens and stationary, Hyeli for her sewing kit, Caroline for agreeing that everything i do is funny by laughing hell loud, YingHwee for accompaning me on recon missions, Kaijuan for being Depressed Tart with me, Zaihao for making me follow him all over the place, Level 3 short wing - Keith, Mingfeng, Hianyi for helping me buaya MengKiat, Mengkiat for being a nice buayee, Jonathan for the many roses, Big nic for the sushi, Captain Jack Sparrow for the Octopus Meat Cake and the mirror drawing, smallnic for buayaing me, Level 4 Short wing for all the food i kop from them, Anthony for Vanilla essence, Yeefern for being the first victim of my tiramisu, and many more. I apologise if I have missed out anyone who made this buaya week fun for me!


Anonymous said...

eh guys. notice the 'not applicable' statement in a certain strategic part of the interview.

ai-yo! what are you waiting for?!

there will be guaranteed buaya-ing all year round man!

chris said...

i faint. don't disturb me. im aiming for 4.6 cap hor!!! haha

Anonymous said...

Buaya week was fun! aw man its the last one for me...really sad...

hope the rest who can do it once again really appreciate it...altho u may think its stupid but when you know NEXT YEAR you will be out working, doing serious will understand how doing such nonsensical stuff can be such pleasure.


weishen said...

oh Sucks to be Nick became Buaya King? Congratulations! Cant believe it. Haha!

-weishen- (if you still remember me)