Saturday, September 02, 2006

The eeker's guide to Win the War!

Hi eekers, if you are here for the first time, A great Warm WELCOME to you!! This is the homepage of all eekers and please feel free to post anything under the sun. Tat's if you are an authentic eeker. Lol..
This space is made for all Eekers. I hope that we can keep it alive. Our block comm will update the website with as many events as possible. However, we sincerely hope that the rest of the eekers will gossip here too. Kindly leave a nic or your name after posting.
This website is purely for entertainment and information purpose. Announcements for the upcoming events will also be posted on this website. So kindly keep yourself updated of our block events which will be fun and exciting. Haha... If any of you need to do any publicity for our block, you can post it here too.
Lastly, I will like to encourage every Eeker to visit this website everyday because we intend to update it daily. Hope to have everyone's support!!!

We will win the war!! Blk E!!

Thank you once again for all the support,
Your Beloved Blk Comm


N! said...

put a tag board on the blog leh!
easier to leave msges on a tagboard!

Polar said...

Yeeah! After months of nagging and chasing and threatening to jump off the roof, we _finally_ have a block website! :D

Thaaaaaanks Rachel and all! :)