Monday, September 11, 2006

WhAt's NeXt?? Is there no end?... (Yes!)

Sheares Hall Committee Fair opens today!

This is the time where everyone will go take a look at the various committees in hall.
I highly encourage you all not to overload yourselves. A good amount of participation will be (2 comms, 2 sports) or (1 comm, 3 sports). The amount of points you receive will be a deciding factor for you to stay in hall and get the room you want. Thus, choose well...
If you all have any queries or doubts, please feel free to look for the seniors. We are always around for you all.. LOL..

Brief outline of the Upcoming Events:

Monday, 6-8pm: Comm fair( This is when you sign up your names for the various committees)

Tuesday, 8pm: Point Forum( This forum talks about the points allocated for each committee and member)

Wed-Thur, 6-8pm: Committee Interview( This is when you have to go through a short interview by the committee which you are interested in. )

Thursday Nite: Buaya Week STARTS!!!!


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