Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Buaya Week

i wanna complain! buaya week start already, then block comm don't need to update blog arh?!

hmms. nvm i will do the updating. *fainted.

(wah lau a i damn busy leh, full time buaya part time student lorh. during the whole week, i have barely done any studying. iyo sian my 4.6 cap how sia!!! everyday stay up planning buaya week stuff, making posters, singing songs, etc. hais.) If i don't get cap 4.6 next sem i don't stay liao. muahahahaa.

just a recap of exciting events.

today, yingshi came back, tired, dead and drained out from her ivp training, only to be greeted by a wonderful sight of dinner (Complete with vegetables, drinks and a wonderful mickey mouse). she was momentarily stunned and paralysed with bliss. hahaa. the camera caught sight of her crawling into her room with glee. this shall be uploaded after buaya week.

the lift btw, is overcrowded. And in accordance with Malthus' theory of overpopulation, the weaker ones will be killed off. this is truly survival of the fittest.

another disturbing occurance in block e is the nude pictures that are circulating in the block. not only is it sexually unhealthy, some of the pictures are not aesthetically pleasing. for example, the "boxers" that our dear block head don in the lift look flimsy and of poor quality. his butt crack might make low cut "boxers" all the rage in block e again.

this does not bode well for members of the fairer sex i believe.

question of the year: who is the level 4 short wing buaya?!!?!?!? *super-fainted. anyway i must confess openly that i stole (With permission) some articles of food from the stash. muahahaha.

of course let me report about myself! since im blogging. (shameless leh, chris) i came back on sunday night, very excited to see what was in the bathroom! cause caroline msged me in the morning to tell me my buaya has a bad sense of humour. haha. i was so pleased to see my boyfriend on the mirror! now i won't miss him so much when he is roaming the high seas! hope he comes to singapore soon. after all in the 3rd sequel johnny depp comes to Singapore marh. will post pics after buaya week.

i shall make an appeal here to proper grammar and spelling. hehe. kidding larh. ;p

esther had a SUPER SUPER SUPER belated birthday celebration! yea and her mr. keanu reeeves made a sunset in her room! wow how terribly romantic. now when she sleeps or wakes she will STILL see the sunset! =)

Oh oh! the kitchen is going to explode soon. everyday/night/morning, people are cooking up a storm with intense fierceness! yesterday (i shan't say that its our ex-blockhead larh) somebody made his stuff so chao1 ta1 till Colin came up all the way from lvl 1! Lured by the scent of chao1 ta1 ness.

hyeli is now effectively ten-lingual, being able to say I-LOVE-YOU in many different languages!

On the bus today I spoke to Basil and was very heartened that he and Irene are very into Buaya week! I think its very cool that this event manages to excite even the foreign exchange students like my neighbour Jennifer and even the level 2 people. =) and this round, there is less discrimination in terms of buaya-ing.

of course, it doesn't mean everyone enjoys equal happiness during buaya week. some people don't get buaya-ed, some people get slow/insincere buayas. is it an issue of popularity? looks? luck? these are all tough questions that people have no doubt thought about. but sometimes you really can't blame anybody - especially if they have tests/etc.

so as eekers let's do our best to make everyone feel involved, excited and loved these few days okay! after all, in block e, no one gets left behind. take a look ard and see if anyone is missing out. may be your neighbour, may be the lvl 8 boys (so poor thing leh :S) or someone you know. jus do something nice for them won't you?

p.s. fine thats only in Ohana but still.

p.s. p.s. enjoy the last 2 days of buaya week!

a little little bit of some love (only the leftovers after buayaing too much),
old chris ;D

p.s. p.s. p.s. something v drama just happened. i heard an alarm clock go off in the short wing. (either lvl 4 or 3) wah, somebody wake up at 4am to do buaya week stuff?! *die-d liao.


Anonymous said...


SWG = short wing guy ..


astrogal said...

junlong rocks!

alibanana said...

hmmm hahaa this astrogal ah. spamming! hahaha but then again. thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

hah christine i love your writing. you forgot to mention the skull you left in the lift, 'only someone like christine will do this kind of thing'.


Anonymous said...

hahah...wah seh...entertaining leh...chris, maybe u should take over the blog instead...hahaha...

hope everyone had a nice buaya week. MUGGING Time! ahahahha